Why treaty tribes are standing against GMO Salmon

Despite opposition from Muckleshoot Tribe, the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, the National Congress of American Indians and thousands of individuals, the federal government still approved genetically modified salmon this year.

“Creating genetically engineered salmon would mean that our traditional knowledge and relationship with salmon would pass out of our hands to a transnational corporation,” said Valerie Segrest, a traditional foods educator with the Muckleshoot Tribe.

Despite the approval by the Food and Drug Administration, there is still a way to prevent genetically modified salmon from coming to the United States. It is possible that Congress will step in and reverse the FDA approval.

And, earlier this month, Congress approved a step to at the very least label the “franken fish.”

From the Hill:

The $1.1. trillion bill to fund the government through September 2016 contains language that prohibits the agency from introducing any food that contains genetically engineered salmon until it publishes its final labeling guidelines. The spending bill also directs the FDA to use $150,000 of its funding to develop these guidelines and implement a program to disclose to consumers whether salmon offered for sale to consumers is of a genetically engineered variety.


Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), who condemned FDA in November for approving what some critics are calling “frankefish,” said Wednesday that she supports the mandatory labeling provision in the spending bill.

“The FDA’s genetically engineered salmon decision is bad for consumers and potentially bad for our environment,” she said in a statement. “If the FDA doesn’t reverse its decision, it’s critical the agency develop clear and transparent labeling requirements for genetically engineered salmon.”

Both the Center for Food Safety and the Friends of the Earth provide vital context to this issue.

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  1. Very informative video but the web address at the end of the video isn’t valid. Do you have a link I can use to ask our Government to protect us from frankenfish?

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