Video: Billy Frank Jr. on ocean acidification

Today, there is a workshop going on regarding ocean acidification and how it might impact treaty harvest and natural resources management. Billy Frank Jr., the chair of the NWIFC, gave a short welcome talk.

The workshop is going on right now and we’re recording it, so we’ll be posting more sessions later.

For more information, the Seattle Times had a great article on the impacts of ocean acidification entering Puget Sound:

The waters in Puget Sound’s main basin are acidifying as fast as those along the Washington Coast, where wild oysters have not reproduced since 2005.

And in parts of Hood Canal, home to much of the region’s shellfish industry, water-chemistry problems are significantly worse than the rest of Puget Sound.

Scientists from the University of Washington and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warned Monday that the changing pH of the seas is hitting Puget Sound harder and faster than many other marine waters.

That increasingly corrosive water — a byproduct of carbon-dioxide releases from industries, power plants and vehicles — is probably already harming shellfish, and over time it could reverberate through the marine food chain.