Treaty Rights Warrior Henry “Hank” Lyle Adams Walks On

Hank Adams discusses the history of the Fish Wars at the observance of the 40th Anniversary of the Boldt Decision in 2014 with friend and fellow treaty rights warrior Billy Frank Jr. in the background.

(Olympia, WA) It is with a heavy heart that the family and close friends of Hank Adams announce his passing this Solstice Day, December 21, 2020, at St. Peter’s hospital in Olympia, Wash.

Hank Adams, 77, was called “the most important Indian” by author/historian Vine Deloria, Jr. (Standing Rock Sioux; 1933-2005), and few achieved what he did to earn that high praise. An indispensable leader, and essential follower and a brilliant strategist, he shaped more Native American civil, human and treaty rights policies than most people even know are important or why.

Adams was Assiniboine-Sioux and a member of the Franks Landing Indian Community. He was a close advisor to leaders of the fish-ins at Franks Landing and leaders of Nisqually, Quinault, Puyallup, Yakama and other Northwest Nations throughout the treaty fishing rights struggle and victories. A humble genius, who devoted his life and talents to justice and dignity for Native Peoples, he was a devoted friend and a beloved brother, uncle, cousin and relative. Our sorrow fills the horizon.

At this time, the family asks for love and prayers as we grieve for our relative who is starting his journey. According to his wishes, he will be cremated and his ashes released at the beautiful and meaningful places he so cherished.Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, a funeral is not possible at this time. The family will coordinate with friends of Hank Adams to arrange a memorial in the near future. Thank you again for the love, prayers and support.

The family and friends of Henry “Hank” Lyle Adams.

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