Treaty Rights at Risk in the MintPress

MintPress News, an independent online news organization, put the spotlight on Treaty Rights at Risk recently. Here’s part of their report:

Today, however the tribes say little progress has been made.

“A lot of people are talking about the importance of salmon,” Grayum said, “but little is being accomplished.”

After the White House Council on Environmental Quality, responding to pressure from the tribes, directed regional leaders of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to hatch a plan to address concerns, the governmental agencies vowed to make better use of existing regulatory authorities and incentive programs to protect and restore salmon habitat, and they announced plans to establish a forum between tribes and federal agencies.

The tribes are currently discussing how to respond and are pondering taking legal action if their concerns are not properly addressed.

Grayum says that litigation is “not the preferred course of action, but if that’s the only option left they would not shy away from that.”

“It’s a long road and we understand that, but there’s more we think needs to be done,” Grayum said, adding, “We need to stop the destruction.”

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