The Olympian: United effort can create a better Shelton waterfront

The Olympian had a news story and editorial about the efforts of the Squaxin Island Tribe to restore Shelton Harbor and Oakland Bay. Here is part of their editorial:

The Squaxin Island Tribe recently announced plans to begin work on a fish and wildlife restoration project in Shelton Harbor, which is the southwestern most terminus of Puget Sound.

Over the next year, the tribe will work with harbor landowners to develop a list of mutually agreeable actions to improve the health of this industrialized estuary.

It is important to note that Simpson Timber Co. has been active in the initial planning for the project. The project won’t go anywhere without the company’s willing participation.

So far, the signs of cooperation are encouraging.

“If we want to protect Oakland Bay, we need to restore and protect fish and wildlife habitat, too,” said Dave McEntee, Simpson vice president.

The timber company owns the bulk of the shoreline and tidelands that make up the inner harbor, but there are other landowners that need to be involved, too.
The other landowners should follow the lead of Simpson and work with the tribe.