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Ocean Acidification Explained

During the First Stewards climate change symposium last year, Dr. Simone Alin made a well-received presentation describing the process of ocean acidification. Alin is an oceanographer and marine chemist at NOAA’s Pacific...

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Intergovernmental Policy Council Annual Report 2008

The coastal treaty Indian tribes and the state of Washington as co-managers continue to work with the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS) to achieve a shared vision of priorities for understanding and protecting the marine environment and improving the lives of all who depend on the sea.

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Canoes Take Off For Annual Journey This Week

The  canoe families from Washington and B.C. are starting to make their way toward Suquamish this week. To follow the landing dates, where canoes will be pulling into over the course of the next two weeks, go to...

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