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Research Helps Sustain Culturally Important Resources for Makah Tribe

The tribe is conducting several research projects to better understand the numbers of elk calves and black-tail deer fawns born each year and how many of them survive to maturity.“Without this kind of specific knowledge, it can be easy to over-estimate the expected rate of increase in a population and make mistakes in harvest management plans,” said Rob McCoy, wildlife division manager for the Makah Tribe.

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Lummi Nation stomping out knotweed in Bells Creek

Restoring native vegetation along the North Fork Nooksack River, the Lummi Nation faces an unlikely adversary: nature. The tribe has planted a streamside buffer near Bells Creek, where invasive knotweed, elk and beavers threaten...

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Makah Student Program Inspires Interest in Fisheries and Natural Resources

“We started this program five years ago when we as a staff talked about the need to promote fisheries and natural resources management to the next generation,” said Russ Svec, fishery manager for the Makah Tribe. “We hope to not only spark student interest in fisheries management, but through their experience, promote a better understanding of our native culture and environment.

We want to connect them to those stories our elders told us, to create the passion about what we have and to protect it for tomorrow.”

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Skokomish Mark Return Of North Fork Flow

More than 80 years ago, President Calvin Coolidge pushed a button that energized Cushman Dam No. 1 on the North Fork of the Skokomish River. The hydroelectric dam dewatered the North Fork, wiping out salmon runs upon which the...

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Coho return to Upper Skagit reservation

The Skagit Valley Herald: For the first time in 50 years, the coho salmon have returned to the Upper Skagit Reservation. To get them there, crews had to tear out a series of stacked culverts and remove 300 dump-truck loads of...

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Lummi to host historic meeting of the nations

Indian Country Today: The Lummi Indian Nation has volunteered to host a historic meeting July 31 – Aug 2 between U.S. tribes and the First Nations of Canada to discuss the merits of a proposed ”Treaty of Indigenous...

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Billy Frank and Hank Adams in Oregon tomorrow

From the Statesman: The lessons of the past can help guide the future. That’s the message to be delivered by Native American elders Billy Frank Jr. and Hank Adams at a free forum Wednesday night at Willamette University....

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