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Being Frank: Certainty is Key

This year’s North of Falcon salmon management process, for the coast and Puget Sound, was tougher than it’s ever been.

North of Falcon is the key part of annual planning that brings state and tribal co-managers together with input from stakeholders to set fishing regulations north of the Oregon Coast cape of the same name.

As in years past, it was a give-and-take process of shaping fisheries to fit under the “impact lid” that helps us protect weak wild salmon stocks while, to the extent possible, harvesting abundant hatchery salmon. We are especially concerned about protecting Puget Sound chinook listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act.

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New Hatchery Tagging Trailer Helps Salmon

OLYMPIA (May 2, 2005) – A new automatic clipping and tagging trailer is assisting treaty tribes in western Washington in more efficiently marking and identifying hatchery salmon. “Being able to tell hatchery and wild...

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All Habitat Is Critical

January 3, 2004 Habitat is the key to wild salmon recovery in western Washington. That’s why the treaty tribes who have always called this region home were surprised by the Bush Administration’s plan to reduce by more than 80...

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Hatcheries Aren’t Habitat

There’s no question that hatcheries have a role to play in salmon recovery, but hatchery fish aren’t wild fish, just like hatcheries aren’t habitat. Hatcheries are absolutely needed to support some wild salmon stocks. Without...

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