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Federal Update for December 2008

BIA BASE BUDGET FY 2009 The election of a new president, the appointment of a new cabinet and the changing face of Congress are all good news to the tribes, and to everyone else who cares about a healthy environment and...

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2006 Seventh Generation Legacy Awards Presented

SEATTLE (November 20, 2006) — The 2006 Seventh Generation Legacy Awards, sponsored by the Salmon Homecoming Alliance, were presented during the Salmon Homecoming Forum, held at the University of Washington on Thursday, Nov. 16. “This award provides an opportunity to acknowledge the great importance of team spirit between tribal and non-tribal communities, particularly in the pursuit of environmental protection and natural resource management,” said Salmon Homecoming Alliance President Gerald James. The name of the award reflects the tribal tradition of basing decisions made today on the impacts they will have on descendants seven generations from now.

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Regarding Leadership and Habitat

OLYMPIA, WA (10/19/05)– How do you measure leadership in natural resource management? When it comes to saving the salmon resource, leadership must be measured in terms of heart, concern for our descendants and the ability...

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Grayum Named NWIFC Executive Director

OLYMPIA (February 1, 2005) – The treaty Indian tribes in western Washington have named Michael Grayum as executive director of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission. Grayum, 57, replaces James Anderson, 54, who served as...

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Federal Update: Brief Budget Update

BRIEF UPDATE ON THE BUDGET There has been substantial effort by tribes and the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission to brief key members of Congress and their staffs on the ongoing appropriations needs for natural resource...

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Boldt Brought Management To State

March 31, 2004 This year marks the 30th anniversary of a court decision that forever changed natural resource management in the State of Washington – for the better. Most Washingtonians know Federal Judge George Boldt...

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MPAs Only One Tool

July 29, 2003 You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the health of our oceans these days. Most of the news isn’t good. Declining sea life, pollution, overharvest of marine resources – the list goes on. According to the recent...

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