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Free the Hoh River in the Seattle PI

Vivian Lee, chair of the Hoh Tribe, and Mike Hagen, their director of land management, had a great column in the Seattle PI this morning: Riprap speeds the river’s flow, eliminating resting areas important to fish. It...

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Crabbers feeling the pinch

The Bellingham Herald has a story about a Nooksack tribal crabber: (Jeff) Williams, a Nooksack Indian, has been fishing since the 1970s. He estimates that fewer than 12 of the 1,900-member Nooksack tribe are fishing commercially...

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Culverts add obstacles to salmon, state, politics

The Seattle Times today reports on the culvert case ruling and the challenges of replacing fish-blocking culverts: More than 1,676 culverts from Neah Bay to Walla Walla block more than 2,377 miles of potential salmon habitat....

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