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Tribes sample elk DNA to track population

Wildlife biologists from the Stillaguamish and Tulalip tribes are testing a new way to track the population of the Nooksack elk herd using the animals’ scat. Tribal biologists have partnered with Western Washington University’s...

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Herald: Tribes react to damage control elk hunt

The Daily Herald reported on the tribal reaction to a damage control archery hunt last month in Concrete: Damage-control elk hunts are a management tool that should be used only as a last resort, regional tribal officials said....

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Daily Herald explores tribal hunting traditions

The Daily Herald of Everett has a story about treaty tribal hunting rights: State and federal regulations curb the hunting of endangered wildlife and protect developed areas from gunfire, but American Indians say those laws also...

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Bringing Focus

It was a meeting long overdue. Representatives of the 20 treaty Indian tribes in western Washington sat down for the first time in a public meeting with the entire Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission – the panel that sets...

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