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Tulalip’s biofuel operation in Seattle Times

The Tulalip Tribes have been working with Werkhoven Dairy farm to turn cow manure into sustainable energy. The Seattle Times: Like so many dairy farmers, the Werkhovens felt the pinch in 2008 when milk prices plunged, hay prices...

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Tulalip biogas project is paying off

Biorefining Magazine has a profile on the Qualco Energy project, a partnership among Sno/Sky Agricultural Alliance, Northwest Chinook Recovery and the Tulalip Tribes: Located in Washington’s Tualco Valley, the Qualco Energy...

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Lummi Nation looks at wind power

The Lummi Nation is taking a hard look at generating wind energy on the tribe’s reservation. Initial mapping and observations show that the Lummi Reservation may be a good candidate for installing wind turbines. This...

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