Stilly Buffalo Make Headlines

The Arlington Times and North County Outlook both reported on the Stillaguamish Tribe’s welcoming ceremony for its new buffalo herd.

Arlington Times:

SMOKEY POINT — The Stillaguamish Indian Tribe’s April 30 blessing ceremony for its buffalo herd in Smokey Point seems to have gone well.

“We have three calves now,” said Stillaguamish Tribal Chair Shawn Yanity. “One was born the day after the ceremony and another was born that Friday. The first was born April 15. We think the one born Friday might have been a late twin and we might have one more birth pending.”

North County Outlook:

The intermittent rain showers and chilly winds weren’t able to dampen the spirits of those who gathered on a muddy field to witness the ceremonial blessing of the Stillaguamish Tribe’s newly-acquired buffalo herd.

On April 30 the Stillaguamish Tribe welcomed relatives from neighboring tribal communities along with representatives from local governments, business partners and the media to the event that honored the reintroduction of buffalo to tribal members.

The tribe has purchased eight buffalo from the Yakama Indian Nation and plans to acquire seven more animals by the end of the year. The buffalo will be used primarily as a meat source, with the lean, nutritious food distributed through the tribe’s diabetes program.