Squaxin Island Tribe releases 1.8 million coho salmon

Over at the Squaxin Island Tribe’s natural resources blog, they have a post on the recent release of 1.8 million coho into the South Sound. After 18 months, these fish will return, contributing to fisheries throughout Puget Sound.

From the blog:

Over the last couple of weeks Squaxin Island Natural Resources have released approximately 1.8 million coho smolt from the Net Pen facility located in Peale Passage. “Our hope is these coho live a healthy life through out their journey through the Puget Sound into the ocean and return back as 8 lbs adults for the 2011 Washington Sport and Tribal Fisheries,” said Will Henderson Enhancement Manager for Squaxin NR.

How do they know there’s 1.8 million coho? Because they count them. Here’s a video of the inventory process before releasing the salmon.

Here’s another video featuring the transfer of fish to the netpens in 2009.