Squaxin Island NR blog: Court Rules that State’s Inaction Hurting Johns Creek Salmon

From the Squaxin Island Tribe’s natural resources blog:

A Thurston County Superior Court ruled in favor of an effort by the Squaxin Island Tribe to protect the Johns Creek Basin. Squaxin filed suit last year asking the state to impose a moratorium on drilling new wells until the state determines if water is legally available to supply those wells.

Judge Paula Casey ruled that the state’s inaction was “arbitrary and capricious.”

“We’re elated that the court took a step to protect Johns Creek,” said Andy Whitener, the tribe’s natural resources director. “But our mission will not be accomplished until state agencies take concrete actions to increase streamflow and benefit salmon.”

You can read the entire piece here.

You can also read the judge’s decision here.

Here is some background information on the tribes battle to bring science to water management in Johns Creek.