Skokomish breaches dikes; tides return to estuary

Various news media covered the Skokomish Tribe’s dike breaching project on Monday and Tuesday:

From the Kitsap Sun:

Watching the salt water lap his shoes, Keith Dublanica, senior land planner for the Skokomish Tribe, decided it was time to move from the Skokomish River tidelands to higher ground Monday afternoon.

If he had been standing in the same spot a day earlier, Dublanica wouldn’t have given the ebb and flow of the tide a second thought — because the water couldn’t reach his location.

But on Monday construction crews spent the day strategically breaking apart a mile long earthen dike that has separated 108 acres of Skokomish River tidelands from the salt water of Hood Canal for more than 60 years.

Other media outlets that covered the story:
The Olympian