Seattle PI op-ed on the Puget Sound Initiative

Pretty good op-ed from the PI:

Look out at the Puget Sound “and it looks like there’s nothing wrong with it,” Billy Frank Jr. said at a P-I Editorial Board session. “The story out here is very devastating to us human beings … we’re looking over at Hood Canal and that’s poison. Maybe we need a map, the truth is we’re dying. Puget Sound is dying … and if we don’t fix that it’s going to be gone.”

That fix is nearly impossible when most people in the region believe the health of the Sound is “good.” There needs to be a shared consensus of the problem — and a consistent approach to a long-term cleanup.

“We’re talking a long journey here,” Frank said. “It’s not an overnight journey.”

The Puget Sound Partnership was named by Gov. Christine Gregoire, who has ordered the group of business, education, environment and government leaders to come up with a plan to improve the Puget Sound’s health by 2020. Frank, the state’s Ecology director Jay Manning and former Environmental Protection Agency director Bill Ruckelshaus are the co-chairs.

Here’s a link to a podcast of the editorial board meeting.