Sammamish Review: Coho salmon numbers coming in low in the region

The Muckleshoot Tribe reacts to low coho returns:

This year, coho counts are down, with only 3,608 coho swimming through the locks, as of Oct. 6. The Muckleshoot Tribe recorded the last low of 6,000 coho in 2002 and the highest run of 47,000 coho in 2000.

Many of the fish that swim through the locks make their way to Issaquah Creek and the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery. Others return to Bear Creek, the Cedar River and the other major streams of the Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish watershed.

The Muckleshoot Tribe, which has rights to fish for coho in both lakes, has decided not to fish this season, Bosworth said.

“Once we realized the run was weak, they didn’t fish at all,” he said. “They have fish biologists that recommended they not fish on coho this year.”