Tom Davis, legislative liaison with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, has a piece in the Orting News about the initial work to repair Voights Creek hatchery on the Carbon River (a tributary to the Puyallup):

The process for restoring Voights Creek Hatchery to a partially functioning facility began in early June. This process will include the removal of thousands of yards of gravel, silt, and debris deposited on the hatchery during the January 2009 flood event. This work is part of our short-term fixes to the hatchery.

Once this initial clean up has occurred, we will be able to further assess the actual level of damage, caused by the flood, to our water intake, water delivery and emergency power systems.

These actions are intended to bring the hatchery back into operation by the end of August, when the adult Chinook start making their return back to the hatchery. These steps are considered interim measures until the co-managers can fully assess the Puyallup as an entire system and inform policy makers (legislature) on joint long term solutions for all facilities and production within the basin.

Read the entire piece here.

The Puyallup Tribe of Indians publicly opposed the possible closure of the hatchery. More information can be found at the following links:
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