Qwuloolt estuary restoration on schedule

The Everett Herald reports that the Tulalip Tribes’ project to restore the Qwuloolt estuary is on track:

The work will continue through next summer, and by 2010, when the rains come, Qwuloolt will flood. Already, crews have extended creekbeds to historic routes. They plan to remove four tide gates and about 3,000 feet of levee. That portion of the plan alone will cost about $3 million.

The Tulalip Tribes have, for more than a decade, been purchasing the farmland in the area with the intent of restoring the Qwuloolt estuary to its native bounty.

That means salmon, waterfowl and other creatures will thrive in an area where they were once forced into narrow irrigation ditches created by farmers.

The project will restore about 2 percent of the estuary that originally dominated the area.