Puyallup Tribe’s Sha Dadx project featured in DJC

From the Daily Journal of Commerce:

A single juvenile coho salmon, netted and released last March, is the bellwether fish that shows how a clear vision and sustained effort can restore river habitat to support salmon runs.

More than a decade ago, the Puyallup Tribe, which has historically depended on salmon for food and is a co-manager of the fisheries resource in the Puyallup River, began identifying potential sites for habitat restoration.

But the most important reward came in March, when biologists from the Puyallup Tribe visited Sha Dadx to monitor fish use of the site. They spread their nets across the channel and caught that lone juvenile salmon, which was soon released to continue its journey to the sea. Here was visible proof that engineers, scientists and contractors from the private, public and tribal sectors can successfully collaborate to restore river habitat so that it can better support our region’s iconic wild salmon runs.