Puyallup Tribal News: My How Times Have Changed — Charlie Cantrell

The Puyallup Tribal News features a touching tribute to Charlie Cantrell:

On Dec. 15, 1949, Charles Arthur Cantrell was born, and his time with us was all too short. He was one of the many who chose to stand against the state and city governments during what we now call the fishing wars. He once told me that “Nobody told us we had to be there, we were there ’cause we were doing what had to be done.” I am thankful to him, and to everyone who fought that fight. Where would we be now without those who made that stand? Across from the Ceremonial Grounds, and a little down river is an area that the fishermen today call Car Drift. When Charlie fished the river, it was called Brando’s Landing. That is because that drift is where Marlon Brando and Bob Satiacum were arrested for illegally net fishing on the Puyallup River. Illegally? Anyway, he was never happy with that area being called Car Drift. He would always say “That’s Brando’s Landing” in a way that only he could say it. In this instance, I find it sad to say that times and people do change, even if they change in ways in which you do not want.

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