Treaty Indian Fisheries and Salmon Recovery dispels many of the myths about tribal fishing practices and explains why habitat loss and degradation is the single most significant factor contributing to the decline of the salmon resource. This 10-minute video explains salmon migration patterns, how tribal fishing nets are used to selectively harvest healthy salmon runs, and how the treaty Indian tribes in western Washington are carefully managing their fisheries in cooperation with the State of Washington to protect the salmon resource for future generations.

This video, produced in concert with the “One With The Watershed” curriculum, tells the traditional story of Salmon Woman and the promises made to get salmon to return to their rivers of origin. Experience the many challenges of swimming into the heart of a watershed through the eyes of the salmon, and learn lessons critical to the protection and restoration of this precious resource. The video, presented by Salmon Homecoming, was produced by the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission with a Title II grant through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.