Potlach Fund blog: Environmental Recognition for Potlatch Fund staff member

Kelly Gemmell-Bruce, chair of the Suquamish Tribe’s Environmental Committee, recently won an award for her work to make sure last year’s Paddle to Suquamish was waste free.

From the Potlach blog:

This Award recognizes both the Suquamish Tribe and the work that Ms Gemmell-Bruce had undertaken as part of the 2009 Inter Tribal Canoe Journey to ensure that the Paddle to Suquamish was waste free and able to minimize its impact on the environment. At the time of the Canoe Journey Ms Gemmell-Bruce worked for the Suquamish Foundation. We are very proud of Ms Gemmell’s efforts, and we have allowed her to continue this important work. Ms Gemmell-Bruce is already involved with waste reduction for this year’s Paddle to Makah and is also looking ahead to a waste reduction strategy for next year’s Paddle to Swinomish.

Note: We earlier linked to an article with an incorrect figure here.