Pink salmon in Clarks Creek near Puyallup

I was up at the Puyallup Tribe’s Clarks Creek hatchery near Puyallup this morning. They are in the middle of their chinook spawning season right now. In addition to the expected chinook salmon, they’re also seeing a bunch of pink salmon. This is apparently the first time pinks have gone up Clarks Creek in recent memory.

Those pinks (which are all wild) are being passed above the tribe’s hatchery into upper Clarks Creek. In the next few weeks, you will likely be able to see those fish as they swim through Clarks Creek Park in Puyallup. I stopped by on my way home and could see a few pinks close to one of the banks. Clarks Creek is already a great spot to see chum salmon later in the spawning season. Go below the fold for a map to see pinks.

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