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LEG-COM NEWS For The Week of March 5, 2007

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Tribal/Legislative Lunch will be Noon-1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 21 (the first day of spring) in the Washington Room of the Joel Pritchard Building on the State Capitol Campus in Olympia. The topic this year is “The ABC’s of Tribal Water Law.” Presenters will include Prof. Robert Anderson, Terry Williams, John Hollowed and Billy Frank, Jr., with Rep. John McCoy as emcee. Please call (360) 438-1180 to reserve your place. Also, please remember to call in on Fridays at 3 p.m. ( 206-553-1454) for the weekly legislative overviews and “rap” sessions. HALFWAY MARK We have reached the halfway point of session and there are two significant deadlines that will impact the progress of legislation. Bills need to be out of fiscal committees today (Monday, March 5) or they’re likely dead for the session. The first deadline, February 28, was the deadline for bills to be out of their original policy committees. Any non-budget bill that is still in the policy committee at this point will likely not be considered for the remainder of the session. By March 14, bills have to be out of their original houses and April 13 is the last day to consider bills from opposite houses. The session is scheduled to adjourn on April 22. PRIORITY BILLS LIST With today being the fiscal committee deadline, updating of the Priority Bills List will be...

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Being Frank: Hope

I was recently asked to sum up my aspirations for the new year in a single word. For me, the word is hope.

If I could give everyone a single gift, it would be hope, because it is the spawning ground of all worthy achievement and the source of light on our trail ahead. It is the primary source of human energy, and to be without it is worse than death.

I’m not referring to the trail our country has been on for the past six years—years of corporate self-indulgence at the expense of environmental investment. The achievements I speak of have nothing to do with drilling more oil wells or erecting taller buildings to further pad the wallets of the super rich.

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Being Frank: Help Save Turtle Island

The defeat of Initiative 933 and other results of the recent election instilled some new hope in me. Hope that there might be some public inclination, after all, to turn the tide of apathy. Hope that more of us might finally realize the most important things we can pass along to their children are pure water, clean air and abundant fish and wildlife.

Now I know that much hope is a bit of pie in the sky. I don’t expect a raging fire of public discontent to suddenly flare up and demand that actions be taken to save the planet from degradation and pollution. I don’t expect to suddenly see all the dams removed, solar panels sprout on every house, and urban sprawl to stop dead in its tracks. But maybe, just maybe, the election results will fan an ember—a spark of understanding that could generate momentum toward our goal to sustain Turtle Island in a way our descendants will be able to continue.

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Federal Update for November 2006

Download Word Document APPROPRIATIONS The mid-term election could have some eventual impacts on the appropriations process, as members of Congress prepare to journey to the nation’s capitol for a brief lame duck congress on November 13. Appropriations will be the most critical issue at hand. The continuing resolution, sent to the White House attached to the FY 2007 defense appropriations bill (HR 5631) has been relied upon to fund all appropriations bills not enacted by October 1. The House Interior-Environment Appropriations Bill (HR 5386), which provides the majority of funding to Northwest tribal natural resource programs (principally through BIA Fish and Wildlife Program/Rights Protection category) made it to the Senate Calendar on June 29, where it stalled. Challenges will continue no matter which party controls the House and/or Senate in 2007, but the election results are unlikely to solve the appropriations puzzle that will confront members of the 109th Congress during a post-election session. Challenges resulting from a $300 billion federal deficit will continue to plague Congress. In fact, neither side is yet talking about how the remaining FY 2007 spending bills will be completed. Some congressional representatives have said there is no realistic chance the Republican-controlled 109th will be able to pass all the remaining appropriations bills individually during the lame-duck session. Democrats have not settled on a plan for handling appropriations if they do win control. When...

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Puget Sound Partnership launched

Yesterday Billy Frank Jr. joined Gov. Christine Gregoire and other dignitaries to announce the Puget Sound Partnership. The Tacoma News Tribune: Billy Frank Jr., a Nisqually Indian who is chairman of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, is among Gregoire’s Puget Sound Partnership appointees. In echoing Gregoire’s call for attention to the Sound’s needs, he compared it to the nest of a pair of eagles that live near his home. “This Puget Sound is our nest, all of our nests, and it’s asking for help right now,” Frank said. King County Journal: “It isn’t a case of can we do it. We have to do it,” said Frank, a Nisqually elder and longtime advocate for tribal-fishing rights. Franks called on everyone to work together to ensure the sound is a resource for generations to come. “It’s asking for our help,” he said. “Take care of it. It’s our home. It’s our backyard.” Seattle PI: “The cleanup initiative is so important to all of us,” said Frank, of the Fisheries Commission. “It isn’t a case of can we do it; we have to do it. “This Puget Sound is our nest — all of our nests. And it’s asking for help.” Part of the new effort is focussed on restoring estuaries throughout Puget Sound. From the Olympian: $3.25 million to restore estuaries and salmon habitat, keying on projects where there are...

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