NWIFC Magazine: Camas saved and planted in community garden

The new NWIFC Magazine is online and features a story about how the Nisqually Tribe rescued a rare and culturally important plant. From the Magazine:

Two hundred camas bulbs that were almost buried under a new road are now part of the Nisqually Tribe’s community garden.

“We  got  these  plants  out  just in time,” said Caitlin Krenn, the community    garden    coordinator.  A  work  party  of  volunteers quickly  mobilized  last  spring  to salvage  the  plants  before  they were paved over with a new by-pass in Yelm.

The    two-year-old    community garden is located in the upland  portion  of  the  Nisqually sxwda?deb Cultural   Center,   a former ranch the tribe purchased almost 10 years ago as part of a salmon  habitat  restoration  project.

“Our major villages were usually located between fishing sites and  camas  prairies,”  said  Geor-gianna Kautz, the tribe’s natural resources manager.