NWIFC Magazine: Steelhead hatchery broodstock and new leadership

The new NWIFC magazine is available for download. In this edition, you can read about our new leadership here at the commission and about tribe’s using hatchery broodstock to help support weak steelhead runs.

From the magazine:

The steelhead population in the Skokomish  River  has  doubled  since  the  Skokomish Tribe started a supplementation projectin  2006,  part  of  a  16-year-long  project  to boost the steelhead population in Hood Canal.

The increase in the number of egg nests has  given  us  an  early  indication  that  the project is working, but the long-term monitoring will be the true test of its success,” said  Matt  Kowalski,  the  tribe’s  steelhead biologist.  “We  expect  numbers  to  continue to increase over the next four years because there will be active supplementation of steelhead in the river.”

You can download the most recent edition of the Magazine (plus take a look at our archives) for free here.