NWIFC Magazine: Quinault leads the fight on fish disease

The work by the Quinault Indian Nation to combat fish disease is one of the featured stories in the new NWIFC Magazine. You can download the entire magazine as a pdf file here: [Download not found].

From the article:

Like humans, fish can carry pathogens that don’t kill them. Different strains of the same pathogen, however, can be lethal. That’s the problem confronting the Quinault Indian Nation (QIN) with their steelhead enhancement efforts in the Quinault River watershed.

Quinault River steelhead have been infected with a strain of Infectious Hematopoetic Necrosis (IHN), a virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of steelhead in the Columbia River watershed since it was first detected in hatchery trout in Idaho in the 1970s and spread to the lower Columbia River by the 1990s. It attacks the blood-forming tissues such as the kidney and spleen, causing death by anemia.

Over ten years of archives of the NWIFC Magazine are available here.