NW Treaty Tribes magazine: Billy Frank Jr. Day and low coho runs

In the most recent edition of the Northwest Treaty Tribes magazine, the tribes in western Washington celebrated Billy Frank Jr. Day and are working on how to protect weak runs of coho coming back this year.

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From the magazine:

Right now what salmon need is plenty of good habitat to increase stock abundance and build resiliency to survive the impacts of climate change and poor ocean conditions. Sadly, salmon habitat continues to be lost and damaged faster than it can be restored, threatening the future of the salmon and tribal treaty-reserved harvest rights.


Fisheries management is about the future, and the future doesn’t look good for salmon if we don’t reverse the trend of habitat loss and damage.


Perhaps most of all we need state and federal fisheries managers to commit to holding all fisheries to the same high conservation standard to which tribal fisheries are held. That includes making the tough decision to close some fisheries to protect returning salmon for everyone.