North Kitsap Herald: ‘The Power of the Canoe Journey’

The North Kitsap Herald newspaper posted a nice editorial about the importance of the Tribal Canoe Journey, discussing how the two-week-long journey is more than just tribal members traveling ancestral highways. It also encourages the public to attend landings and learn more about the canoe culture that was nearly lost until the late 1980s, when it was revived and has been going strong ever since.

The Swinomish Tribe is hosting this year. Some First Nations from British Columbia have been pulling since end of June and others have started to make their way toward Swinomish ever since. This week, canoes from the Coast and Strait of Juan de Fuca will stop at Lower Elwha, Jamestown, Port Townsend, Little Boston and Suquamish before heading north next weekend for the final push to Swinomish. More information can be found at