North Kitsap Herald: Creek Clean Up for Salmon, Trout

The North Kitsap Herald reported on a community effort to clean up a Poulsbo stream that is a home for coho, but was severely damaged by last fall’s storms, as well as from years of development in the area. The Suquamish Tribe’s salmon recovery coordinator, Paul Dorn, is quoted.

A single bare-boned Coho carcass sits on top of the rocks and sediment washed into lower Johnson Creek. The spinal cord is a symbolic and lingering reminder of storm-caused devastation to last year’s salmon run.

Patrick Allen and other members of Trout Unlimited, a national organization supporting cool water fisheries, aided in the creek cleanup March 27, making it more inhabitable for local trout and salmon.

“Johnson Creek used to be the main drinking water historically for Poulsbo residents said Paul Dorn, salmon recovery coordinator with the Suquamish Tribe for 34 years.

“Historically it had great habitat and was clean enough to drink,” Dorn said. “Now no one, without a considerable amount of effort in cleaning and boiling, could make it suitable for drinking.”