Nooksack Tribe’s Kelly Re-Appointed to Forest Practices Board

OLYMPIA (October 5, 2004) – Bob Kelly, director of the Nooksack Tribe’s natural resources department, has been appointed again by Governor Gary Locke to the Washington State Forest Practices Board.

“Forest practices are a crucial element in salmon recovery,” said Kelly. “Protecting ecosystems protects habitat for fish, which is the only way to recover wild salmon. Serving on the board allows me to further be an advocate for Washington’s wild salmon runs.”

The Washington Forest Practices Board established rules designed to protect the state’s natural resources while also maintaining an economically viable timber industry. This will be Kelly’s second four-year term on the board.

“It is a great honor to serve on the board,” said Kelly. “By working together with other organizations, we can better preserve our forested watersheds and the wildlife those habitats support.”

The 12-member board was created by the state legislature in 1975. It consists of six public officials and six members of the general public. After being appointed by the governor, each member serves a four-year term.

One other employee of Nooksack Natural Resources, licensed geologist and hydrogeologist Alan Soicher, also sits on the board.


For more information, contact: Bob Kelly, 360.592.2632; Jeff Shaw, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, 360.424.8226.