Nooksack Tribe receives $700,000 to build 20 logjams

The Bellingham Herald reports on Salmon Recovery Funding Board grants in Whatcom County, including one to the Nooksack Tribe:

The Nooksack Tribe and a salmon group have received $794,480 to restore salmon habitat in the Nooksack River.

The award was announced Monday, Dec. 20, by the Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board as part of $20.7 million in state grants to help threatened salmon.

The projects across the state include planting trees along streams to cool water so salmon can survive, replacing culverts that prevent salmon from migrating to and from their spawning habitat, and restoring floodplains and estuaries.

In Whatcom County, the money is going to the following groups and projects:

Nooksack Indian Tribe, $705,737, to restore the north fork of the Nooksack River at Wildcat Reach by building 20 log jams there.

The project will stabilize the channel and enrich habitat, help with low water level, and improve the survival and productivity of Chinook and other salmon species by providing a stable spawning area.

The tribe will contribute $124,542 from a federal grant.