Newspapers report on Skokomish, Tacoma Dam Settlement

The Kitsap Sun, Tacoma Daily Index and Tacoma News Tribune reported on the signing of the settlement agreement between Skokomish Tribe and the City of Tacoma on Jan 12.

From the Kitsap Sun:

For 80 years, Tacoma’s Cushman Dam Project in southern Hood Canal has been like an open wound for the Skokomish people, tribal officials say. But an agreement signed Monday could launch a new era of cooperation between the tribe and the city.

The agreement — signed by representatives of the city, the tribe and six federal and state agencies — settles a $5.8 billion damage claim by the tribe. It also resolves long-standing disputes over fish and wildlife habitat, as restoration becomes a key requirement for a new 40-year license for two dams on the North Fork of the Skokomish River.