Media: Suquamish Tribe’s Agate Pass Net Pens Start Again

The reopening of the Agate Pass coho net pen operations garnered some attention from local media:

Seattle Times:

Kitsap Sun:

North Kitsap Herald:

From The Seattle Times:

The Central Puget Sound area could see a boost in catches by the 2011 fall fishing season, thanks to the revival of a tribal salmon net pen operation in Agate Pass.

“It is good news to get this net pen back in operation, and it will offer a good fishing opportunity in the future for the tribe and other fishermen,” said Jay Zischke, the Suquamish Tribe’s marine fish manager.

The tribe delivered 265,000 coho smolts (March 1) from the Gorst Hatchery to its net pen near Agate Pass between Suquamish and Bainbridge Island.