Makah Tribe and U.S. Coast Guard Sign MOA to protect ocean

The U.S. Coast Guard and Makah Tribal Council signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to reaffirm their integral partnership, cooperation and coordination in pollution prevention and response during a ceremony at the Jackson Federal Building in Seattle, April 12.

“This MOA will solidify an enduring relationship for decades to come,” said Rear Adm. Keith A. Taylor, commander of the 13th Coast Guard District. “The agreement establishes consensus guidelines of environmental stewardship necessary to succeed over the long-term. Additionally, the MOA will serve as a model for cooperation between Coast Guard leaders and other sovereign tribal authorities.”

Additionally, the Makah Tribe  bestowed a name and dedicated artwork for the primary conference room of the Thirteenth Coast Guard district. For more details about the MOA, see the full United States Coast Guard press release.