Lummi celebrates Lily Point purchase

A blogger in Point Roberts attended the celebration of the Whatcom Land Trust’s purchase of Lily Point, reported on here, by the Bellingham Herald.

Lummi Nation elders sang, drummed and told stories at the gathering.

The blogger notes:

One of the speakers at the ceremony pointed out that the Lummi Indians had taken care of this land for 10,000 years and now it was the responsibility of the people of Washington to take care of it for the next 10,000 years. (There is a little in-between time there that we’re not talking about that ended in somebody selling the area for $3 million and change, and I guess we can stipulate that for that price the ‘owner’ took good care of the land along his way.)

(Lummi elders) spoke of how lucky they felt that this land in which their ancestors were buried was now safe for them, as well as for those of us who were later arrivals on Point Roberts.

Another blogger’s account of the celebration, with photos, can be found here.