Fish biologists armed with radio antennae were out tracking trout on Friday. They are on the White River in King and Pierce Counties trying to help out the Bull Trout — a species that is on the Threatened List.

A century ago this river and all of the Northwest rivers were teeming with bull trout. Now you rarely spot one. But if you do, you might see one with a radio transmitter attached.

“This is a good fish, this is an easy fish,” Puyallup Tribe fish biologist Eric Marks said while holding a radio receiving out the window of a moving truck. “You can just do it from the truck like this.”

It is an easy fish to track, but not an easy one to see. Their numbers are few, so few that the Bull Trout has been placed on the Threatened List to be protected from extinction.

Biologists from the Puyallup Tribe are listening for a telltale radio chirping sound. It’s coming from a tiny transmitter implanted in ten of the Bull Trout early in the summer.