Kitsap Sun: Suquamish Tribe taking lead on Blackjack Creek restoration

The Kitsap Sun reports that Suquamish Tribe has applied for a grant from Department of Ecology to update an overall assessment of the health of the Blackjack Creek watershed in Port Orchard.

From the story (subscription may be required):

The tribe Monday applied for a grant through the state Department of Ecology that would provide $150,000 for an updated assessment of wildlife, vegetation, soils and water flow within the watershed. The plan would provide recommendations for mitigating the impacts of human activity on what fisheries experts recognize as one of the most productive salmon bearing streams in the area, said Steve Todd, staff ecologist for the tribe.

Blackjack Creek begins southwest of Highway 16, then dips into a deep ravine north of Lund Avenue and flows into Sinclair Inlet in downtown Port Orchard, near KFC and the Bruce Titus Ford dealership.

The tribe expects a response on the grant application by May 20, Todd said. The money would allow the Suquamish to contract for a full assessment of the health of Blackjack Creek. The plan would document the relationship between land use patterns and habitat conditions. The final report would include recommendations to address the root causes of environmental degradation in the watershed.