The Kitsap Sun reported that the Suquamish Tribe now has all the grants needed to start working on removing the Chico Creek culvert that is located where the creek meets Dyes Inlet, under Kittyhawk Drive.

Now, after years of planning and widespread support, the Suquamish Tribe has compiled $1.7 million to remove the culvert, build a new driveway for isolated property owners, and widen the estuary to a more natural condition. Kitsap County won’t be on the hook for any of the cost.

“All the grants have been approved,” said Tom Ostrom, environmental biologist for the Suquamish Tribe. “Now, we’re working with the county on an agreement that will have (Kitsap County) Public Works doing much of the work related to engineering and construction.”

Unlike most culvert projects, this plan won’t replace the culvert under Kittyhawk Drive. Instead, it will remove the culvert entirely, leaving a more natural streambed.