Kitsap Sun: Suquamish Tribe discusses this fall’s returning salmon

In an article discussing the annual return of killer whales to Puget Sound, the Kitsap Sun also talked with the Suquamish Tribe about salmon returning to the Kitsap Peninsula, and what folks could expect to see in local creeks.

From the article:

Meanwhile, chum salmon are just beginning to move into streams on the Kitsap Peninsula, where their transition from saltwater is normally timed by rains and higher streamflows, according to Jon Oleyar, who monitors fish in the streams for the Suquamish Tribe.

Curley and Blackjack creeks in South Kitsap, both known for their early runs, have chum in them now, he said.

Chico Creek, home to the largest chum run on the Kitsap Peninsula, began to get some fish over the weekend as rains caused the stream to rise.

“Overall, the creek is low, even with the rains we had,” Oleyar said. “The creeks have water in them but not as much as the fish would like when they head upstream.”

Because their biological clock is ticking, the chum will begin entering most streams soon even with little or no rain, Oleyar said. Coho salmon also are working their way upstream at the moment, he said.