Kitsap Sun: Skokomish Tribe Tied To Its Land

The Kitsap Sun started its four-part series about the Skokomish watershed with a report about the Skokomish Tribe and it’s connection to the area. Reporter Chris Dunagan interviewed members who used to live within the floodplain of the river and how they’ve been affected over the years with the changes to the valley.

— Lila Gouley awoke in her darkened bedroom. Lying quietly, she stared at the dim light spilling in from the dining room, where her parents were talking in low voices about the rising waters.

Pulling back the covers, the 13-year-old stepped to the floor. Icy water gripped her foot, sending a chill through her body.

Once again, floodwaters had come to the Skokomish Reservation and to the Gouley household.