Kitsap Sun: Skokomish River Restoration Project Gets $1 Million Lift

Kitsap Sun:

The dream of restoring the Skokomish River estuary to a more natural condition could soon be realized now that almost $1 million is available for the massive project.

Removing about 5,000 feet of dikes will infuse saltwater into the broad Skokomish River delta, the largest river system in Hood Canal. What are now fresh water wetlands will revert to productive salt marshes that existed before farmers built berms to graze cattle and grow hay and other crops in the fertile soil.

For many years, members of the Skokomish Tribe have dreamed of restoring the estuary, which could once again become an incredible nursery for young salmon. The Skokomish is the only river in Hood Canal that supports all fish listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act: Puget Sound chinook, Hood Canal summer chum and coastal Puget Sound bull trout.