Kitsap Sun: Rain Helping Coho and Chum Move Upstream

The Kitsap Sun spoke with the Suquamish Tribe’s fisheries biologist Jon Oleyar about the salmon returning to Chico Creek in Central Kitsap this fall:

“The timing of these rains is just about perfect,” said Jon Oleyar, a biologist for the Suquamish Tribe who knows the East Kitsap streams like nobody else. “If you’re a salmon, you’re saying, ‘It’s about time we got some decent water.’”

Coho salmon, which normally arrive earlier than chum, were favored by rains in October, the biologist said, and their size has been remarkable.

“By far, these are the largest coho I have ever seen,” said Oleyar, who has conducted salmon-counting surveys for the tribe for the past 11 years.