Kitsap Sun: Give Suquamish Tribe props for dedication to salmon restoration

Dave Shorett has a great piece in the Kitsap Sun about the Suquamish Tribe’s efforts to restore salmon. Make sure you read the whole piece, but here’s a sample:

Visualize every stream in Puget Sound, with water you could drink straight out of the stream; fish passage unobstructed by roads, culverts and dams; natural shorelines, thick with eelgrass and bull kelp, with no bulkheads; a pristine saltwater environment in Puget Sound with no pollution.

In my opinion, without tribal intervention — including necessary legal action, repeated due to unyielding resistance which continues to this day — our local area would be devoid of wild salmon. The tribes, as I see it, continue to protect the public against certain unrelenting private-property and development interests which have little if any regard for the environmental conditions which serve the public and our native salmon.