King 5: Peaceful week of tribal fishing on Nisqually

Gary Chittim at King 5 filed this story on tribal fishing on the Nisqually River last night:

Another four day week of tribal net fishing on the Nisqually River ended peacefully on Wednesday.

The Nisqually is famous for its tense history of clashes between tribal and non-tribal fishermen over the years. It is one of the few places that the two entities share salmon runs in such a confined and concentrated area. Just last year the uneasy undercurrent of resentment overflowed. Tribal police received reports of hateful shouting matches, graffiti and rock throwing.

“There was quite a bit of hostility and situations were escalating to the point that we really thought we needed to intervene,” said Cynthia Iyall, Chairwoman of the Nisqually Tribe.