King 5: Nisqually River late coho

The Nisqually Tribe is continuing their work tracking the late Nisqually coho run. King 5:

For years biologists worried that a small run of Coho salmon on the Nisqually River had gone extinct.

Well, guess who’s back!

Toboton Creek teems with salmon every fall, but by the time the winter sun arrives low in the sky, the salmon runs are over.

It took volunteers like Mary Fitzpatrick and Cheryl Stephan to confirm that the late Coho run is back.

Heavy stream flows are making it almost impossible to see the rare fish now, but when you add the first sightings made last year and Mary’s sighting this year, biologists are confident the species they worried had gone extinct is making a comeback.

“We’ve known they had existed, but we didn’t have the information or data to really support what we thought,” said Georgette Kautz, Nisqually Tribe Natural Resources.

Here is the original press release.