We can only do this together

We are committed to recovering salmon, no matter how long it takes. We need your support to raise awareness for the need to restore and protect salmon habitat.

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Tribal harvest levels have been reduced to levels not seen in more than 40 years.

As salmon habitat declines, so do salmon fisheries.

The treaty tribes in western Washington are dedicated to restoring and protecting salmon habitat. Over the past two decades, tribes have restored at least 112 miles and 13,000 acres of salmon habitat.

But salmon habitat continues to decline. We need your help.

The treaty tribes have developed habitat priorities to help bring salmon populations back from the brink. Subscribe for the latest information about how we can all work together to address these priorities to lead to healthier communities and more abundant natural resources for everyone.

Tribal habitat priorities

Because the ocean

Pacific ocean

Continue to research ocean conditions and ensure they are healthy enough to support treaty-reserved resources.

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Puget Sound

Restore and protect the health of the nearshore by preventing and removing armoring, excess pavement and other barriers to salmon survival.



Restore and protect the natural function of floodplains. Healthy floodplains are dynamic systems that create salmon habitat.

A look skyward shows gaps between alder trees left by Quinault Indian
Nation tree-fallers to support growth of Sitka spruce


Cut across jurisdictional boundaries to protect streamside forests that keep our water clean and salmon populations healthy.



Make sure there is enough water to support salmon. Ensure the water quality is clean enough to provide fish and shellfish that is safe to eat.

We can only do this together!