Federal Update: Priority Bills


Bill # Sponsor Description Last Action/Status
S 6 Daschle (SD) Homeland Security 1/7/03 Ref. To Judiciary
S 14 Domenici Energy Policy Act (rel bills:HR6,1644,S1005) 6/12/03 Senate Floor (heard)
S 17 Daschle (SD) Reduce global warming/climate change risks 1/7/03 Ref to Sen Env/PubWrks
S 131 Reid (Nev) Amending Atomic Energy Act, security 1/9/03 Ref to Sen Env/PubWrks
S 139 Leiberman CT) Climate change, greenhouse gas research 1/9/03 Ref.to Sen.Env/Pub Wrks
S 170 Voinovich (OH) Amending Fed. Water Pollution Control Act 1/15/03 Ref to SenEnv/PubWrks
S 175 McCain (AR) Trust Management Reform Act 1/15/03 Ref. To SCIA
S 195 Chafee (RI)

Undrgrnd Strage/SolidWaste Disp (IncTribes)

5/20/03 Hs C on Env & Haz Mat
S 247

Snowe (ME)

Harmful Algal Bloom-Enviromental Impacts

6/19/03 C on Commerce-OrdRep
S 288 Campbell (CO)

Federal Land Management Act

2/4/03 Ref. To SCIA
S 369 Craig (WY) ESA Reform 2/12/03 Sen Env/PubWrks
S 424 Bingaman
Energy Self Sufficiency
2/14/03 Ref to SCIA
S 482* Collins
Science & Mngement Improve.Act
2/27/03 C on Commerce, Sc&Tr
S 519 Campbell

Nat.Amer.Capital Formation & Eco.Dev.Act

4/30/03 SCIA
S 522 Campbell

Nat.Amer.Energy Dev& Self Determin.Act

4/10/03 SCIA
S 525 Levin (MI) National
Aquatic Invasive Species Act
6/17/03 C Env&PubWrks-heard
S 578 Inouye

Tribal Govt.Amends to Homeland Security

7/30/03 SCIA
S 781* Lott (MS)

Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Mgmnt Council

4/3/03 C on Comm,
Sc & Tr
S 861 Hollings
& Esturine Land Protection Act
6/19/03 ConComm,Sc&Tr-Or
S 937 Voinovich
Harmful Agal Bloom 4/29/03 C on Science
S 993 Smith (OR) Small Reclam.Water Resources Prot.Act,
5/14/03 SC on Water & Power
S 1005 Domenici
& Policy Act, ‘03
5/6/03 Sen. Floor
S 1036 Allard
Wasting Disease
5/9/03 C on Ag, Nutrit,
S 1106*

Snowe ((ME)

Quota Act of 2003
5/22/03 C on Comm,
Sc & Tr
S 1193* Wyden (OR)

Cap.Construct.Fund Qual.Withdrawal Act,‘03

6/5/03 C on Finance
S 1401 McCain
7/17/03 C on Science- ord reprt
HR37 Boehlert
6/6/03 Comm on Govt Reform
HR238 Boehlert
Research and Development
6/27/03 Moved to Hs Floor
HR 247 Wolf (VA) Commerce,
Justice, Rel.Ag’s Approps ‘03
1/8/03 Approps
HR343 Baldwin
Fisherman Protection Act
3/6/03 HSC on Commerce
HR748 Udall, M
Sprawl/Smart Growth (NEPA)
2/24/03 Exec Comment/CEQ
HR1080 Gilchrest
Aquatic Invasive Species Act, ‘03
3/17/03 SC on Fisheries,CW,Oc
HR 1560 Young (AK) Water
Quality Financing Act
7/17/03 C on Trans&Inf-Or
HR1690* Hefley
Habitat Protection Act
4/21/03 Ex Comment/Commerce
HR1856 Ehlers
Algal Bloom, Environment. Impacts
6/5/03 C on Science
HR 1904 McInnis (CO) Healthy Forest Restoration Act 7/22/03 C on Energy/NR-Hrng
HR1945 Thompson (CA) Pacific Salmon Recovery Act 6/11/03 C on Resources
HR 2057 McInnis (CO) Chronic Wasting Disease 6/19/03 C’s on Ag & Res, SC’s
HR 2169 Leach (LA) National
Forest Protection & Restor.Act
6/20/03 To SC on 21st CentComp
HR2200 Udall (CO) Environmental
Justice Act, ‘03
6/2/03 C on Env & Haz Mats
HR 2310 Rahall
Species Protection/Cons.of Environment Act 6/9/03 SCon Forests&For.Health
HR2360* Capps (CA)

Cap.Construct.Fund Qual.Withdrawal Act,‘03

6/5/03 C’s W&M, Armed Serv
HR2419 Rahall (WV) Native American Sacred Lands Act 6/11/03 C on Resources
HR 2557 Young (AK) WRDA 7/17 C on -Or Report

*Bills expected to consolidate
into a single bill re: Reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act